Ceiling Vacuuming

Professional Ceiling Vacuuming

Do you constantly suffer from allergies in your home? Maybe it's time to properly clean the cavity between your ceiling and roof to eliminate allergy causing irritants.

Rats, birds, bats and other unwelcome guests in your roof can lead to:

  • Odours from old feces and urine
  • Odours from dead animals like bats, rats and birds
  • Odours from old abandoned bird nests
  • Ceiling stains from old feces
  • Damage to your plastic pipes and possible water leaks
  • Damage to roof insulation and wood caused by gnawing
  • Damage to electrical cables due to gnawing
  • Intrusion of dust mites from nests
  • Diseases

The Cleaning Process

Using industrial cleaning equipment, the cleaning and vacuuming service will remove all vermin feces, birds’ nests, debris and building waste materials. All materials removed from the ceiling area are taken away. Discontinued geysers can be removed upon request.

Please note that the cleaning and vacuuming process described above is undertaken purely for hygiene purposes.